On October 3rd2017, in Studio 77 on Trekhgorka, next to the Art Pictures officethe presentation of a new Russian project created for cinematographers all around the world took place

ART PICTURES REEL – an actual digital database of Russian actors. Now a director from Los Angeles, Tokyo, London or Saint Petersburg can choose an actor for his project without leaving his own office, without buying a ticket, getting a visa, wasting time and money, skipping any restrictions and difficulties. 

ART PICTURES REEL portfolio is capable to discover an actor`s acting facets, baring his psychophysics and giving an opportunity to leave a uniform roleWITHOUT makeup, costumes, WITHOUT stamps and artificial goals, without interventions of another actors and directors. 

Many actors and friends of Art Pictures studio have already participated in the new project ART PICTURES REEL

www.artpicturesreel.com, Instagram @artpicturesree and Facebook profile “Art Pictures Reel”  have started their active work and now invite professional actors and beginners to participate in the biggest project of the year – ART PICTURES REEL. 

We thank our guests cinematographers for their support, first of all, the creators Fyodor Bondarchuk and Dmitry Rudkovsky, our partners: STS channel – Vyacheslav Murugov, Alexander Andryushchenko and Mikhail Vrubel – “Vodorod” studio, “Kinonebo” – Rezo Gigineishvili and Lesha Kiselev, Sergei Minaev, Igor Mishin, Alexander Akopov, Michael Schlicht, Gerard McCarthy, our favorite friends actors: Konstantin Kryukov, Nikita Kukushkin, Igor Ugolnikov, Alexander Saveliev, Anna Kott, Aglay Tarasova, Pavel Artemyev, Renata Piotrovsky, Evelyna Bledans, Ekaterina Spitsa, Irina Rakhmanova, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Anna Churina, Vitaly Gogunsky and others.

We wish this new ship a great voyage, and new brilliant projects for all of us!

Building 23, 15 Rochdelskaya St., Moscow, 123022, Russia